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After Death, what is left?
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This is such a whimsical character and is so full of personality. The idea of a Halloween cheerleader is original and I don't think I'v...




acrylic on paper
Story by

Halloween night, time for a fright, out went the trick or treaters to fill there bags with goblin goodies.

Jim and Joe went out to trick or treat as ghostly wraiths, but before getting any candy, they would meet up with Jack, their pal.

"He wants to meet us by the cemetery" Jim told Joe "He said it would make Halloween all the more special."

"Is he goin' to meet us near his Granddad's grave like last year?" asked Joe.  "Yep, same as always."

By the cemetery they saw their pal Jack dressed as they were.  "C'mon Jack" yelled the two at him.  "We have to be home before midnight."

Off they went to get their share of candy, but noticed Jack wasn't carrying a sack.  

"Did you forget to bring a bag?" asked Joe.  "I brought a spare," said Jim "he can use it, now lets get some candy!"

Off they went trick or treating all night long, and noticed the hour was growing very late.

"We better get back home or Mom will be furious" Joe told Jim.

"Hey, where did Jack go?" asked Jim.

"He probably went home and we didn't notice it" said Joe "now c'mon, I'll race you home."  

Off the two went yelling and shrieking  into the night.

The next day Jim and Joe went over to Jack's house, but were surprised to find him on crutches.

"Sorry I couldn't go out trick or treating last night, I broke my leg and my folks took me to the hospital to get a cast put on."

"But who-" asked Jim.  Jim and Joe looked at each other.  "who was it we went out with last night?"

Jim and Joe summoned up all their courage and walked to the cemetery.  There outside on the pavement they found Jim's extra bag partly filled with candy, with a trail of candy wrappers leading to one small grave.

Both boys looked at each other then ran all the way home.  

It was a long time before they told anyone about that Halloween night, and they never went out trick or treating dressed as ghosts again.
Just one unremarkable week of
Ghostbusting, dog walking and painting in black.
Pizza with anchovies and Lo Mein, too.
Napping in between dreams of green snake infested
hotels, not much reading but that's
just as well.
In the city of Townville a small boy died.
Townville, where demons walk in the form
of adolescent boys with a fetish for firearms,
Townville, where Blossom and Buttercup failed
to arrive to save the day
or a little boy in a coma.
Did he dream?
In those four days, he lived out his life
in a Superman costume then,
returned to Krypton.
All this happened in a week,
Just one unremarkable week.


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Karen A. Carter
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
The idea of mortality is fascinating to me as an artist. The making of art is a way of preserving a moment in history. It is believed that the first work of art was a single handprint in iron oxide ochre, the ancient symbol of life and blood. In spite of our desire to connect with our ancient ancestors, they remain alien and distant. The only real link is through mythology.


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